Quality Assurance Data Collection

8 August 2022

The future of Quality Assurance data collection

When it comes to managing your Quality Assurance in your company you want to be able to rely on a solution that meets all your requirments now and in the future.

The technological solution for a paperless QA office

      •    Virtually a paper free office for quality assurance and technical departments
      •    Instant access to quality assurance information
      •    Trend analysis of food safety and quality assurance data
      •    Improved efficiency and productivity of QA operatives
      •    Real time QA/QC checks visual on the managers back office PC
      •    Streamline due dilligence data for audit purposes
      •    Food safety and process control integration across a factory environment
      •    Pre fixed food safety parameters programmed to reduce human error
      •    Records information directly into a hand held unit within the factory environment
      •    Reduces the need for thermometers, papers, pens and clip boards
      •    Improves traceability and food safety monitoring systems
      •    Computerised HACCP monitoring

A handheld and back office pc software application for Technical and QA Departments

Direct temperature input to handheld/PDA

Pop up corrective action screens

Food safety alerts and alarms

Manages multi-step processes within a factory environment

Report viewing

Robust Pocket PC type application

Bluetooth handheld and thermometers

What does the back office application look like & do?

data editing activity checks checks

area results period

data reporting Features

Symbol and/or Intermec handheld PDA 

Calibrated thermometers/probes

Secure User Log In

Data Editing

Data Maintenance

Data Reporting

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