Food Hygiene Training

8 August 2022

Food Hygiene Training

When it comes to your business, there simply cannot be any mistakes or excuses. Food hygiene training is a requirement of law for food handlers so make sure you are up to date with al the laws set out for your business.
We can even provide staff refresher training courses to ensure that their knowledge is current and up to date.

Your staff need to have knowledge of HACCP to be able to monitor their ccp's and knowing what to do. We can provide HACCP overview training to your staff to ensure they have grasped the principles of HACCP and food safety control.

You need to make sure you have the technical expertise deployed within your company which will keep your staff fully trained in Hygiene, HACCP and Food Safety in line with every legislation.

You need a specialist food safety consultant to assist you and your staff in complying with the law and having the technical knowledge to ensure consistantly safe food is produced for your customers.

To find out more please call us today and we will be happy to help.