BRC Global Standard for Food

8 August 2022

BRC & Other Industry Accreditation

Do you have the technical know how to be sure you conform to these standards? Can you provide the quality your customers expect?

You need a qualified and specialist food safety consultant to assist you in reviewing your food safety and quality management system against the Technical Standard and devising an action and implementation plan to ensure you meet the requirements.
We are on hand to help you understand the requirements and make sense of all these standards so you gain certification.

I can explain what a BRC is if you are new to the standard, conduct a gap analysis, audit your facility against the standard in preparation for your certifiaction visit and devise action plans to meet the standards.

Getting the system right first time and independantly verified can save you time, money and your most importantly your reputation.

These are the common benefits of BRC Certification:
  • Accepted in more than 80 countries.
  • Single standard for suppliers to work to.
  • It is a global standard for food safety.
  • Helps manufacturers produce a consistently safe product.
  • Needed to supply the major retailers
  • Aids fulfillment of legal obligations.
  • Reduced customer complaints.
  • Helps prevent costly product recalls.
  • Less customer audits.
  • Verifies technical performance.
  • Provides protection to the consumer.